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GENESIS - 28 Lessons

Rev. Martin Mayer, Edited by Rev. Michael Kasting

This study describes the beginning of the world, human race, and, in particular, the Chosen People of God. This is not a book of science, but a book of faith. The important question is not "when" or "how" God created the world, it is "why."  It is in that spirit that we invite you to join us in our study of Genesis.

EXODUS - 28 Lessons

Rev. James Young

What does slavery in Egypt and wandering in the wilderness have to do with us in the 21st century?   Exodus describes the exciting ways God delivered His people from slavery and led them through the wilderness towards the Promised Land.  Today, as then, He still delivers and leads us by the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit and speaks to us through His Word.  Exodus shows us WHO sets us free!

JOSHUA - 28 Lessons

Rev. Martin Mayer

Joshua was among those who had come out of Egyptian slavery and knew well the almighty power of God.  It was this experience, no doubt, which influenced Joshua to a strong faith in God and in his role as leader of the Israelites.

JUDGES - 23 Lessons

Rev. Rodger Gredvig

The recurring theme in the book of Judges is Israel's prosperity that degenerated into idolatry, God's consequential rejection and punishment, followed by repentance and cries for mercy.  In response, God would send a deliverer (Judge) to rescue them.  This pattern emphasizes the basic nature of man's sinfulness contrasted with the mercy and patience of our forgiving God.  Updated 2013

RUTH - 8 Lessons

Lois Engelbart Edited by Rev. Robert Wolff

Ruth is the account of two remarkable women held by God's enduring grace.  God will turn their loss into gain and their sorrow into joy. This is a journey through a loving story of God's grace with the theme of redemption throughout.  Updated 2013

1 samuel.JPG
1 SAMUEL - 28 Lessons

Lois Engelbart Edited by Rev. Robert Wolff

First Samuel marks the transition in Israel's form of government of the judges to the monarchy.  It centers on the lives of Samuel, Saul and David.

2nd Samuel.JPG
2 SAMUEL - 24 Lessons

Lois Engelbart Edited by Rev. Robert Wolff

The book of 2nd Samuel tells the story of David's ascent to the throne and his reign as king.  Throughout, we see how God was the source of David's strength and why God referred to David as a "man after my own heart."

1 KINGS - 28 Lessons

Lois Engelbart Edited by Rev. Robert Wolff

First Kings is a picture of a 'united kingdom' under Solomon as he builds the Temple.  After his death, the kingdom is torn into two and filled with enmity, strife, and idolatry.  But God graciously provided His people with His prophets calling them to repentance. 

2nd kings.JPG
2 KINGS - 28 Lessons

Lois Engelbart Edited by Rev. Robert Wolff

Second Kings stresses that God is the sovereign Lord over the history of Israel and other nations.  Unfortunately, the last years portray corruption and captivity which lead to the downfall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. 

EZRA - 6 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

Ezra chronicles the return of the exiles from the Babylonian Captivity. The theme of the book is faithfulness to the Lord and His law. It is a record of the return to Israel and the rebuilding of the temple where Solomon's temple once stood. Dr. Kurth explains Ezra's involvement in the rebuilding of the people through God's Word., Updated 2014

NEHEMIAH - 10 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

Nehemiah reveals himself as a brilliant leader when he returns to Jerusalem to help rebuild its walls.  This magnificent action occurred in only 52 days. Nehemiah's prayer life is an encouragement to us all. Dr. Kurth says, "The chief message of the book of Nehemiah is the joy of the Lord is your strength" (Neh. 8:10) and Nehemiah exhibits this. Updated 2014

ESTHER - 7 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

An excellent study identifying "Queen Esther as an instrument in the hand of God to save the remnant of Israel, the tribe of Judah, from extermination...Esther was the woman for an emergency, thanks to the over-shadowing concern of Jehovah Lord."

JOB - 15 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

Dr. Kurth relates, "it is the Holy Spirit's record of man's groping for an answer to the problem of evil."  Job deals with the justice of sovereign God in a world filled with suffering.

Job - 15 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

Dr. Kurth relates, "it is the Holy Spirit's record of man's groping for an answer to the problem of evil."  Job deals with the justice of sovereign God in a world filled with suffering.


Rev. Dr. Arnold Kuntz

This study embraces 14 psalms, alternating 7 penitential and messianic.  The study relates the Psalms to your life and to your heart. The study may appeal to the more serious student.

PROVERBS - 10 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

The book, though about 3,000 years old is still wondrously up-to-date as it speaks of ethical, moral, and religious teaching for everyday living.  The key verse (1:7) is, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge [wisdom]."


Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

Records a search for meaning and satisfaction in life.  Author speaks of "a time to weep and a time to laugh," a season for every activity "under the sun."  The book reflects on the contentment and joy found only in God.

song of solomon.JPG

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

Also known as Song of Songs.  Questions of historical or allegorical meaning (portraying the relationship between Christ as the Bridegroom and the Church as His Bride), are explored in the study.

ISAIAH - 28 Lessons

Rev. Weldon Leimer

In Isaiah we see the depths of God’s judgment, His abundant grace, and numerous Messianic prophecies. Prepare to spend a little more time in this 27-week study that covers all 66 chapters of Isaiah.

JEREMIAH - 15 Lessons

Rev. Michael Kasting

"The Weeping Prophet," is one of the most human and appealing characters in the Bible.  During his 40-year ministry, he was God's one-man army whose message pitted him against faithless kings and false prophets.  His fiery sermons, memorable symbolical acts and desperate diary entries are vehicles for an urgent message that still needs hearing in our day!

DANIEL - 14 Lessons

Rev. Rodger Gredvig

The study divides the book into two sections: Historical and Apocalyptic.  Pastor Gredvig shares:  "...The book of Daniel is a powerful demonstration of God's promise to bless the nations of the world through Israel, and his promise of a Savior to accomplish his will."  The study is complex and challenging, suited for an advanced Bible student. Updated 2013

hosea cover.JPG
HOSEA -  12 Lessons

Rev. Michael Kasting

A prophet of Gods passion!  Commanded by God to marry a prostitute then later retrieve her when she left him, his life became a living enactment of the relentless love of God for His often faithless people.  This course provides a front row seat for hearing one of the Bible's most colorful preachers.  His words will challenge us to a stronger faith and obedient life.

JONAH - 6 Lessons

Lois Engelbart Edited by Rev. Robert Wolff

The book of Jonah speaks strongly and clearly about obedience to God and about His forgiveness when we fail to obey. Perhaps its greatest message is God's pity upon the unbelieving multitudes and His desire to save them. The study is suited for all levels, and is recommended for new students.

great people old t.JPG

Rev. Martin Mayer

Beginning with Joshua, moving into Judges and Kings, and several of the prophets, we get an insight into the leaders God provided for His people and an overview of their history. Each lesson is independent and suited for all levels of study.

great miracles old t.JPG

Rev. John Scharlemann

This study examines some of the remarkable moments of our Lord's intervention in the natural course of history and human events.  There are 12 miracles covered and designed to give us a greater appreciation of the Lord's ongoing presence in our lives. Suited for all levels.

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