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MATTHEW - 28 Lessons

 Rev. Michael Kasting

Matthew presents Jesus as the Christ, Israel's Messiah King and also as King of the entire world.  The Gospel is closely linked with the Messianic prophecies and is a bridge between the Old Testament and New Testament.  New Study 2018

MARK - 21 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth

The key word in Mark's Gospel is "immediately."  The Romans, to whom Mark primarily directed his message, were interested in action.  They wanted to know "What did Jesus do?"  Updated 2016

LUKE front page.JPG
LUKE - 28 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Erwin Kurth &

Rev. Kerry David Reese

Luke portrays Jesus as the Savior of the world.  Christ's humanity and compassion are stressed.  The key verse: "The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

JOHN - 23 Lessons

Rev. Dr. Robert Holst

John's Gospel teaches the story of Jesus with tremendous clarity and force.  Often using simple words, John conveys complex truths and writes so all may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  Updated 2013


Rev. Michael Kasting

The Book of Acts still inspires and challenges Christians today.  Studying this great story of the early church, you’ll discover anew the power of prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and what it means to be a follower of “The Way” called to make a bold witness in our worldly culture. New Study 2017

ROMANS - 21 Lessons

Rev. Michael Kasting

Romans emphasizes the righteousness from God. Luther referred to Romans as "the soul's daily bread." This study is a great help to grow in the truths of Scripture.  Come join us on this exciting journey through Romans!  New Study 2016

corinthians 1 2.JPG
1 CORINTHIANS - 13 Lessons

Rev. John Scharlemann

When Paul wrote this letter, his heart must have been breaking in two.  We understand because the problems faced by the Corinthians are similar to those facing our congregations today.  He describes the Corinthians as a group of immoral intellectual snobs who had a difficult time accepting any spiritual authority.   Hmmm, they sound like Americans!  Updated 2015

corinthians 2.JPG
2 CORINTHIANS - 13 Lessons

Rev. Luther Schwartzkopf

The threat of "spiritual terrorism" motivated Paul to write this letter which offers a marvelous illustration of how Paul used the Gospel to solve the serious problems in Corinth.  It is the most personal of Paul's letters and his experience demonstrates the power and sufficiency of God's awesome grace.  Updated 2015

GALATIANS - 14 Lessons
Rev. Dr. Arnold Kuntz

Dr. Kuntz describes Galatians as our "Declaration of Christian Independence."  What lies before the student is a trip through one of the most outstanding lessons in Christian truth and one of the deepest excursions into Christian doctrine in literature.  A beneficial study for any student!  Updated 2015

EPHESIANS - 13 Lessons

Rev. John Scharlemann

If we want the blessings of forgiveness, peace, the promise of everlasting life, the promise of God's providence and love, then I have good news!  It's ours!  It's all ours declares Pastor Scharlemann.  This study will bless your life!  Updated 2013

PHILIPPIANS - 12 Lessons

Rev. Martin Mayer

Discover what it really means to be a "saint" in Jesus Christ.  Learn how we can have "joy" in the Lord, not because of the efforts we have made, but because of the efforts God has made for us.  Discover the "joy" within this 12-week study.  Updated 2014

8 Lessons

Rev. Luther Schwartzkopf

Come and discover the rich treasures found in Colossians - perhaps the most complete treatment of Christology found in the NT.  This 8-week study reminds us that the moment we believe in Christ we have a share in 'the inheritance of the saints.'  Updated 2014

9 Lessons

Rev. Weldon Leimer

"Waiting and Working" - The church today is still "waiting and working" until Christ's return.  Paul refutes false claims and presents truths about the Lord's return, along with the revelation of the 'man of lawlessness."  Truths as pertinent today as when written (almost) 2,000 years ago.  Updated 2014

16 Lessons

Rev. Dr. O.A. Waech

Pastor Waech says, "Our modern-day churches would do well to ponder Paul's advice to these early churches and their pastors.  We often equate promotional activities with religious accomplishments and spend first-rate energy on second-rate causes."  A thought-provoking study!  Updated 2015

28 Lessons

Rev. Martin Mayer

Pastor Mayer presented the study of Hebrews as a radio ministry series a number of years ago using TLB for most of the study.  The newly formatted study now includes ESV updates.  Pr. Mayer said, "It is my hope that you will gain as great a love for this book of Hebrews as I have and that this study will strengthen all of us in our faith in the Lord Jesus."  Updated 2017

JAMES - 8 Lessons

Rev. Luther Schwartzkopf

"Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves" is identified as the theme verse for James' letter.  The underlying premise of this practical epistle is that true faith will express itself in deeds of love toward God and people.  Updated 2013

1 PETER - 8 Lessons

Rev. Luther Schwartzkopf

"If we can pick up on the theme of being exiles [pilgrims] in a godless and hostile world, we will be able to appreciate the main thrust of Peter's letter," says the author.  First Peter has a message for all believers of all ages.  Updated 2014

peter 2 and june.JPG
9 Lessons

Rev. Luther Schwartzkopf

The threat of "spiritual terrorism" motivated Paul to write this letter which offers a marvelous illustration of how Paul used the Gospel to solve the serious problems in Corinth.  It is the most personal of Paul's letters and his experience demonstrates the power and sufficiency of God's awesome grace.  Updated 2015

letters john.JPG
Rev. Dr. Robert Holst

"Listen to God's love story and God's call to us to love in a world filled with hate.  May the Letters of John affect you like a loving letter from a dear friend."  The letters make one think that John wrote in times much like our own. Updated 2013

28 Lessons

Rev. John Scharlemann

The Revelation to John attracts more curiosity than any other book of the Bible.  A simple explanation for this curiosity is inwardly we all wish to find some specific indication of our own future.  To some degree, Revelation fulfills this curiosity, but only to the extent that Scripture as a whole prophesies the destructiveness of sin and the promise of man's salvation through Jesus Christ.  John's vision is comprised of one general revelation, that is, the triumph of God's children over evil. Updated 2016

parables cover_edited.jpg

 Rev. Michael Kasting

Jesus knew how to wrap the message of the kingdom in images and stories from everyday experiences.  He took His hearers to the kitchen, the grainfield, and the road to Jericho.  He spoke of banquet halls and courtrooms.  Some of His pictures were simple.  Others required careful thought and explanation.  His parables reveal the wondrous details of God's reign among us.  In this course we sit at the feet of Jesus and let Him teach us!

great miracles 1.JPG
13 Lessons

Rev. John Scharlemann

In this study, you will examine some of the tremendous moments of our Lord's intervention in the natural course of history and human events.  The author does so with the understanding that such miracles have literally occurred as described in Scripture.  God's interventions are seen as important to His overall plan of demonstrating redemption and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. Updated 2014

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