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How to Pay

LWBS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and relies solely on freewill offerings from our classes to produce and promote the study of God's Word. Please make checks payable to "Living Way Bible Study" and mail to the address below.  We appreciate your comments, referrals and donations!

Can I make copies of the study?

     We provide a digital file or "Master Copy" from which you can print as many studies as needed.


Can I email the lessons to my class?

     Yes, the lessons can be emailed; students can either print the lesson or answer the questions on their computer (or tablet) using the fill-able PDF.

Living Way Bible Study

6571 E. El Roble Street

Long Beach, CA 90815

Telephone:  (562) 237-2495    Toll Free:  888.383.8119



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