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The Gospel of Matthew
Rev. Michael Kasting

LWBS is an auxiliary of the Pacific Southwest District of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.

Living Way Bible Study (LWBS) is a practical course of study with a special emphasis on the application of God's Word to the life of the individual.

While emphasizing practical application, LWBS presents each book of the Bible as the holy, inspired, Word of God, the confessional position of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.

Our purpose is to help equip believers to live joyfully in God's redeeming love and to share with others God's plan of salvation.

LWBS is also a means to reach those interested in the Christian faith and who may not be members of a church.  With its emphasis on the Bible itself, it has an appeal to Christians as well as to others who are searching for the truth.

Updated  August 2017

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LWBS is an organization that maintains a non-profit status and qualifies as a 501 (C) (3) organization with the IRS.

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Living Way Bible Study brings daily reading of the Bible into your life.